What is LiveTime?

LiveTime is the best way to keep track of time
throughout your live events!

We created LiveTime with production professionals
and simplicity in mind.

The base app allows you to easily connect
to an existing LiveTime Clock Server
and either watch or control it.

Using the In-App Purchase,
you can easily set up your own
LiveTime Clock Server.

How you could use LiveTime:

  • Live broadcasts
  • Timing of a production event
  • Global counting to synchronize multiple locations
  • Corporate events and much more!

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Enabling the Clock Server
allows for you to output
a Clock Display and you can
be viewed or controlled via a network.

Get the Clock Server now
via an In-App purchase for $49.99.

The Control Panel

The heart of LiveTime is the Control Panel. It is an easy way to setup, control and monitor your clock. The Clock Connection Details panel allows you to view or modify who is watching, controlling or overriding your clock or the clock you are connected to.

The Clock Output

Using the In-App Purchase, you can enable your own Clock Server. This will allow you to display your clock output and allow others to view or control it. If setup with a Fully Qualified Domain Name, your clock output can be viewed from LiveTime for iOS anywhere you have an internet connection.


We have developed a series of videos
to help you understand how to use LiveTime
and many of its features.

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